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Notes on coverage and expertise about the Law Offices of Nnaka & Assoc, PLLC: 

 Practice areas include PERSONAL INJURY ( Auto Accidents, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death, Premises Liability, Product Liability); IMMIGRATION ( Green Card Petitions, Citizenship, Deportation Defense, Employment Visas, Religion Visas); FAMILY LAW ) Divorce, Child Support & Custody, Change of Name, Adoption etc.)

In addition, our practice areas also include CRIMINAL LAW ( All Felonies, All Misdemeanors, DWI, Drug Charges, Domestic Violence, Theft etc.) and INTERNATIONAL LAW ( Oil & Gas, Int’l Arbitration, Int’l Agency, Int’l Trade Representation).

About Family Law

In life, nothing remains the same. Everything changes. Good times sometimes turn to bad times. And the love that once was often sought after can become decline and rejected with or without reasons. Such is true when it comes to love, marriage, divorce, separation, and subsequent fights for custody, property distribution and visitation, child support, spousal support, and alimony. There is no precise science to determine or rational matters of heart betrayals, lies, deceit, cover ups, abuses, cheating, and vengeance you name it!!!!

Know Your Rights

Truthfully, we have seen it all. Through the years, we have seen how what looks from the outside or perceived as a perfect marriage or family suddenly turns out into a nightmare with the attendant emotional and psychological devastation. The key is to recognize when to make amends and when the damage to the relationship is irreversible—for the sake of life and health, to let things go, rebuild life and pick up the shattered dreams. We have represented a litany of clients during this difficult and sensitive times as plaintiffs or defendants. Our services in this area include drafting and negotiating, pre-nuptial and separation agreements, divorces (contested and uncontested), child custody and visitation, spousal abuse, paternity and alimony. If you are in need of assistance in this area, you can e-mail or call us for a confidential discussion.

Immigration lawyer in Houston

 Immigration lawyer in Houston .  9/11, has changed the face of American immigration as we know it. This on unprecedented attack on U.S sovereignty and psyche resulted in legislation like the patriot act, homelands security acts, which has significant impact on immigration. Prior to 9/11, Congress enacted legislation that severely restricted the rights of immigrants while limiting legal immigration and discouraging undocumented aliens. For the most part, the future of immigration will continue to generate heated political passions in the foreseeable future. Yet, every year, thousands or millions of people world over contemplate immigration to the united states, some for political reason, others for economic, social or family reasons. While the decision to emigrate is not easy, considerable anxieties are invited when people leave behind the familiar ancestral homes, friends, associates and pieces of mosaic that form their daily lives. These anxieties become further complicated when arriving immigrants face problems of adjusting their status, extending visas, seeking asylum, finding a job or even hospital treatment.

            At the Law Offices of Nnaka & Assoc, PLLC, we have first generation immigrant lawyers who understand immigration law and the problems of immigrants no matter what country they come from. 

Civil Litigation

In every courtroom, in every case, no matter the odds, experienced lawyers agree that the outcome of any litigation is uncertain. Added to this, jurors are unpredictable. But with the right mix, victory can be estimated. The business of litigation is not a science, it is an art—a spectacular combination of the knowledge of the law, the rules of court, and human nature produces master litigators, known for setting strategies, managing client expectations and achieving victory. In the civil society, the conduct and actions of individuals, companies, or organization can give rise to civil actions raging form simple assaults and battery to defamation, sexual harassment, fraud, damages to economic and business concerns, to even death or injuries caused by general negligence.

As renowned litigators, we take your case form the time of initial interview to the time of settlement or trial verdict. We have experienced attorneys to draft your complaint, file the suit, prepare and conduct discovery, handle pre-trial and trial motions, voire dire jurors, craft jury instructions, deliver winning opening and closing arguments, and obtain verdict or judgement you deserve. In short, our Firm is well equipped and staffed to prosecute or defend your claim to the fullest extent of the law. Email or call us if you have any dispute or claim or if you are defending yourself from any dispute or claim against another individual, company, organization or government agency.


Energy, Communication, Telecommunication, Securities and Franchise are all part of speciality areas that fall within the general areas of our practice. From drafting oil and gas leases to preparing Ocean Vessel Charter Party Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Cyber Management Agreements, and Initial Public Offerings, we have experienced attorneys, staff and associate firms to assist you in these areas. Just call or email us for initial free consultation.